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Quality Meats Team

Michael Stillman

As the son of one of the country’s leading restaurateurs, Michael Stillman grew up with a special vantage point on the inner workings of the industry. Michael learned from a young age how artful design, quality ingredients, and creative marketing all play a critical role in attracting and retaining a loyal clientele.


Craig Koketsu

Craig Koketsu fostered his passion for precision, knowledge, and flavor by working with acclaimed chefs from diverse backgrounds at some of America’s top restaurants.  Koketsu began his culinary career at Stars in Palo Alto, California working with renowned chefs Jeremiah Tower and Joyce Goldstein. After moving through all the posts in the kitchen, he received the distinction of being named banquet chef for all private events at Stars, which allowed him to create intricate and innovative dishes.


Aaron Bashy

Aaron Bashy is a proven industry veteran who counts among his mentors Gilbert LeCoze, Eric Ripert and Charlie Palmer.  Though the Boston native’s cuisine has a New England sensibility, it was also influenced by his diplomat father’s entertaining visiting foreign dignitaries, expanding Aaron’s palate and knowledge of flavors. 

After trying his hand at the restaurant business through an apprenticeship, Bashy attended Culinary Institute of America.  


Cory Colton

In remote Rumford, Maine, where Cory Colton was raised, there is not an abundance of culinary role models for an aspiring pastry chef. For Colton, the concept of making desserts as a profession was provided by Marcel Desaulniers’ television show “Death by Chocolate.” By seeing the process of taking simple ingredients to create something spectacularly different, Desaulniers paved the way for a career in the pastry industry for Colton.